Ministry Evaluation

Performance Reviews for Ministry Leaders

Performance Reviews for Ministry Leaders

 One  of the biggest challenges facing boards and leadership teams in  churches and Christian ministries is evaluation of mission  accomplishment in a theologically rich way.

Heather  facilitates a rich conversation in order to develop evaluation criteria  and indicators that are appropriate for your ministry context

Performance Reviews for Ministry Leaders

Performance Reviews for Ministry Leaders

Performance Reviews for Ministry Leaders

What would it look like to conduct a performance review of the pastor or ministry leader in a way that honours Christ? 

Heather works with the board and ministry leader to set out a mutually respectful process as well as clear evaluation criteria.

Coaching for Board Chairs

Performance Reviews for Ministry Leaders

Coaching for Board Chairs

Sometimes stepping into the board chair role can feel daunting, but it doesn't need to be that way! Heather provides orientation and coaching for new board chairs that sets them on the path to effectiveness quickly.

Board Self-Evaluation

Board Self-Evaluation

Coaching for Board Chairs

 Is your board regularly evaluating how well it is governing? Let Heather set up a streamlined process that gets the job done. 

Custom Facilitation

Board Self-Evaluation

Custom Facilitation

Heather can also provide custom facilitation for your board. Contact her to have a conversation about your needs.



Marshall Eizenga, Co-Director, Kerith Retreat Centre, Alberta

"Heather Card is a gifted, visionary, team building, and humble leader. I know this firsthand. During the early years of my tenure as a Lead Pastor, I watched as she articulated the need of the board to move from its entrenched management model to a policy governance style of church leadership. Her ability to conceptualize the need for this shift, made it easy for the board to recognize the importance of this strategic move. Then she worked with her committee, of which I was a part, to formulate a best practices model which met the needs of our church and allowed me to lead with greater clarity and confidence."

Darrell Winger, Senior Pastor, The Meeting House

"Heather Card brings a remarkable blend of gifting, education, skills, and experience to organizational leadership.  In working with Heather in her role as Chair of the Board of Directors at World Relief Canada (now Tearfund Canada) it was my privilege to benefit from her deep commitment to Christ, her knowledge and experience in board governance and strategic leadership, as well as her wise and supportive counsel to me as CEO.  Heather is a respected Christian leader in Canada."

Joanne Bell, Board Member, World Relief Canada

“Heather has the unique ability to combine both big picture strategic thinking and attention to detail. She is insightful, engaging, and collaborative in her approach to developing solutions.”

Stephen Barkley, Pastor, Wellington Street Pentecostal Church

"Heather has been an immense blessing to my church and our leadership team. As a facilitator, she was able to draw insight out of our board that surprised me! She has great knowledge and experience and was able to contextualize it to our own unique church setting."

Terry Shuh, Board Chair, Waterloo Mennonite Brethren Church

"Heather very effectively assessed our current board situation and identified the specific needs to develop our retreat agenda. She lead and facilitated the various empathy and visioning exercises with excellence, creating and paying attention to every detail of the day - creating relational and bonding experiences for all board members to participate. She has been an excellent coach and we will certainly engage her services again for future development and strengthening other areas within our governance structure."

Elizabeth Pierce, Board Chair, Gather Women

 "Heather had spent a great deal of time in preparation for our Strategic Planning process, and yet, when it became apparent that there was a piece of work that needed to be done in order for us to move forward, she was completely comfortable with abandoning that plan for the sake of ensuring we achieved the overall goal we had set.  Heather was a pleasure to work with, and I would certainly work with her again."   


Sam Chaise, Chair, Interim Management Committee, Spring Garden Church

"We engaged Heather Card to help us discover suitable ways of assessing our church’s health and mission as we began a period of transition after the retirement of a long-serving Lead Pastor.  Heather brought to us a sensitive, wise, and rich blending of wisdom from Scripture and from the world of organizations and management.  This was set in context of a sensitivity that recognized that we ourselves needed to discern God’s voice in our particular setting.


We were impressed with Heather’s ability to listen deeply and to reflect back to us what she had heard, while weaving it into what we still needed to discover for ourselves.  Her wisdom is theologically-rooted and organizationally-wise, and in a few short sessions she was able to empower us to move forward in our season of transition."

Debra Simpson, Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Agreement Holders Association

"Heather is remarkable in her ability to pinpoint the issues holding an organization back from being more effective. Then she skillfully, with utmost respect, facilitates collaborative and well-timed processes towards the articulation of and group commitment to solutions."

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